The Mystery Thickens as the First Midnight Approaches!!

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When First Explained, I seem Deleterious... Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

When First Explained, I seem Deleterious…
Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat


It has been brought to the attention of this moderator and many cast members that there is one character CONSPICUOUSLY absent from these photos!!

She is the instigator of the mayhem, and the reason all this happened in the first place.




STAY TUNED for the BIG REVEAL of our Witch and her full costume next week!!

8 Days!!!



It’s been a while since the last update, but we have been busy little bees!!

We have NEARLY THE ENTIRE SHOW blocked now!!

We worked on the Finale of Act 2 last night, and we are running Act 2 TWICE tonight! Our full run throughs will start next week!

This all still seems so surreal!!

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Hello Little Girl... Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Hello Little Girl…
Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

Photo by Austin VanderPlaat

More Thoughts on Favorite Moments

We had a couple more cast members chime in on their favorite lines/lyrics:

Ben Buchanan – Wolf:

“I really dig the line ‘Goodbye Mister Wolf!’
Because she has no idea she’s just been sweet on the thing that is about to lead to her and her grandmother’s double homicide.

Granted, it doesn’t take long for that meddling baker to come along. But you have to take these victories while you have them.
To be honest, I really try hard not to compare it to a heavy episode of Scooby Doo. Except for the fact that if it were, I’d be getting a Scooby Snack.
Or maybe a sandwich.
Neither of which are provided.

Can you really blame the Wolf, in that case? ”

Gene Chin – Baker

“My favorite lines:

Sondheim’s clever use of vegetable vocabulary. It’s a Veggie Rap!!!

‘Greens, greens and nothing but greens:
Parsley, peppers, cabbages and celery,
Asparagus and watercress and
Fiddleferns and lettuce-!

Rooting through my rutabaga,
Raiding my arugula

And ripping up my rampion'”


Lots of fun stuff in the Gallery too!!

Favorite Moments

Our Director, Mark, asked us to put together a little something about our favorite lines in the show that our character didn’t say.

Here are some thoughts:

Traci – The Witch

“But if life were only Moments, then you’d never know you had one.” – Baker’s Wife

I think if I had to choose just one line, I would be debating with myself forever. But I think this is one of my favorites not said by the Witch.

It goes a long with the whole”you don’t know the good without the bad” theme that seems to be popping up again and again in my life.

You truly have to go through Hell to be able to appreciate Heaven. And the Character’s from this show have been to Hell and back, and now are wandering blindly through the Woods trying to find someplace safe. Cinderella’s Prince has just rocked the foundations of the Baker’s Wife’s life, and she is realizing that you have to have moments occasionally to truly appreciate the in-between times.

It’s a good lesson for all of us, that even is “now” seems bad, just think how much better it will make “soon” seem once you get there.


Cathy Becker – Grandmother

“Just remembering you’ve had an AND, when your back to OR, makes the OR mean more than it did before. Now I understand, and it’s time to leave the woods.” – Baker’s Wife

When Mark asked us to share a favorite passage from a song that we don’t sing, my first thought was of the Baker’s wife’s song from Moments in the Woods. I really love Sondheim’s sentiment here, and of course, the clever, humorous and touching way he conveys his message. After having her romantic encounter with the Prince she sings Moments in the Woods.


Emily Westlund – Little Red Ridinghood

“Now I have two friends, a cow and a harp!” – Jack

My favorite line is when Jack says, “Now I have two friends, a cow and a harp!” It just makes me laugh because his cow is one of his best friends and an inanimate object is the other! He is so excited about this cow and I think it is funny that he never mentions any friends that are humans until the end when he asks Little Red Riding Hood to be his friend. It’s just a funny line!


Also!! Check out new Photos in the Gallery!!

New photos and Bios added!

It’s been a few days, but we are a week into blocking and it is going AMAZINGLY!!

Check out the Gallery for more photos and almost all of the Bios are up!

We will have some really nice photos and video clips from our Very Own Austin VanderPlaat!

Stay Tuned!

The momentum is picking up!!!

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